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To experience success as a business in 2020, it may seem like you need to come up with the next best thing. However, successful businesses in 2020 are doing the opposite. They’re going back to the basics and going above and beyond expectations. 


Refresh Your System


Instead of changing systems completely, consider giving your system update with a new software tool. This is a great way to provide the sales team with the tools needed to boost productivity. It is tempting to go wild when picking tools to help the existing system. However, it is worth noting that some productivity tools are a waste of time and money. 


One safe place to start is contact organization. Amping up the contact organization part of the system will make it easier to get to know your audience and help boost sales. Look for a Customer-Relationship Manager (CRM) tool to get started in this area. Another great place to streamline productivity is output. This includes auto-dialers, automating emails, and scheduling software help time. 


A tool that is often overlooked is a call recording software. This is a great way to improve the quality of calls and the customer experience. 


Encourage Employees to Keep Learning


Don’t forget about the best tool that is already in your toolbox, your employees! Taking the time to train employees constantly is a great way to boost sales. This will boost your employees’ confidence and improve customer experience. 


Don’t Automate Everything


It can be tempting to go overboard when automating things within the company. However, consumers want to feel like they have access to a real human when they need one. A good rule to follow is to keep a 50/50 ratio between automation and humanity. 


Align Sales with Marketing


When the sales message is aligned with the marketing campaign, it will provide consumers with a consistent view of the brand. This helps generate leads and builds credibility with the brand. When making tweaks in this area, think about what sets this company apart from others. Use this to your advantage as a way to stand out in the world of selling and marketing.