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Companies who are ready for expansion may be interested in hiring additional executive staff to manage growth. Business Development Managers and Sales Directors have different purposes within the company. These roles and similar titles have different areas of responsibility. Depending on the job description and the current phase of company growth, sales and business development officers will need to focus on very different aspects of the corporation. 

Sales Roles

There are two basic ways that companies develop sales within the organization. Outside sales personnel are responsible for obtaining new customers. They establish relationships in several different ways. Setting appointments with potential new customers and wooing them is one of the main responsibilities of the outside sales team. This crucial role is primarily tasked with introducing new prospects to the products and services offered by the company. An outside sales representative may also be responsible for visiting at-risk clients to ensure they are satisfied. 

When properly utilized, the inside sales team is also responsible for business development. This role is usually customer service and order fulfillment based. This is the second line of support for business growth. Inside sales personnel, which may be known by many different titles, offer a positive customer experience. This is a hybrid role which supports existing customers and attempts to grow the business by rounding out customer accounts. They have a soft sales role that gives them the opportunity to offer additional products and services to expand existing accounts. 

Business Development Roles

 Business development is a rather generic term that can take on several different characteristics, depending on the nature of the business. A business development manager or consultant is responsible for monitoring the growth of the business. This specialized role is tasked with a two-fold approach to business development. The priority is to add new accounts to the customer base. In order to be effective over the long term, growth spurts must be sustainable. 

Business development officers must be able to add new accounts that will not strain the business during the growth process. The second role of business development is marketing. Courting new customers requires an introduction and targeted advertising. This type of marketing also focuses on word of mouth referrals and other special promotions.