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Joe Shew

Business Development


From The Walt Disney Company to Planet Fitness, Joe Shew has made quite an impact on many well-known companies spanning multiple industries. Entrepreneur, financial services expert, and business investor are just a handful of titles this senior executive has held during his three-decade and counting career.

From the beginning of his education at Villanova University to his graduation, Joe Shew knew he wanted to make an impact on the finance industry. Armed with the knowledge of a high-quality education, Joe jumped head-first into his career immediately after graduating. Joe quickly worked his way up the ranks and earned a managerial position at Price Waterhouse where he provided audit, financial and consulting services to businesses to achieve growth and stability. 

While his work at Price Waterhouse was rewarding, Joe Shew was ready for a bigger challenge and found it at The Walt Disney Company. Joe was only with the company for four years but left a lasting impact on the company through his work in the corporate controllership department. Mr. Shew worked closely with all of the mergers and acquisitions and led the financial due diligence and purchase accounting team that assisted with the $19 billion merger and acquisition of ABC. While this merger was a glowing achievement in his career, it certainly was not the only. 

After championing financial teams in multiple businesses throughout his career, Joe wanted to venture out and founded the Farnsworth Group as a result. Since its founding over 17 years ago, Joe developed his small business and turned it into a company that is sought after for expert business and financial advice. With his extensive background in corporate finance, mergers & acquisitions, capital raising, and forecasting, Joe is in a unique position to help both established and budding business professionals transform their finances and business strategies for increased and long-lasting success. His success with the Farnsworth Group allowed him to step into his current role as Chief Operating Officer and Partner at R&R Global Partners.

After working at The Walt Disney Company, Joe is no stranger to helping large corporations reach new heights. For the past several years, Mr. Shew has been increasing the prevalence and success of Planet Fitness through his work with R&R Global Partners. He led them to acquire more locations, broker more suitable deals, and increased customer awareness through events such as hosting The Biggest Loser auditions, breast cancer research fundraising events, and helped raise money for other charitable organizations.

While Joe Shew was busy working with Planet Fitness, he also found the time to help R&R build an effective team dedicated to acquiring and managing commercial real estate and retail assets, including commercial retail, office properties, and even residential properties. Through his leadership, his company has continued to expand and create new investment structures in areas that are brimming with opportunity.